Friday, May 15, 2009

OMG Skin Bleaching???

On an episode of the Tyra Banks Show, Banks explores black women and their use of skin bleaching. The women on the show explain that they use skin bleaches because at a very young age, they noticed the difference in treatment that lighter skinned women received. The women on the show have grown to believe that lighter skinned women are prettier and have it easier. One woman does not date dark men because she does not want to have a dark skinned child. Latavia states on the show, “I will not walk around with a dark skinned baby on my hip.” She continues to say, “I become labeled as a hoochie. A darker skinned baby does not get the same treatment that a lighter skinned baby gets. When I take my son to the daycare I see the darker skinned babies with snotty noses, they’re never being treated properly and when I go pick him up, he’s always on somebody’s lap.” Due to her experiences, Latavia feels that she needs to be lighter and will do whatever is needed to get the results she wants.

Also, another woman on the same show bleaches her skin as well as her three small sons in order to fit in with society. This is ridiculous because she is teaching her children that they do not measure up. Latasha explains, “I bleach [my children] because I want them to have a better presentation when they go to school. I don’t think our society accepts dark skin people well.” It is bad enough that she has low self esteem, but it is horrifying to teach her children that. As parents, blacks should empower their children, teaching them to love and appreciate themselves, while accepting others for being themselves. What other people think about you should not matter because everyone is different. Not one person is the same as another person. God created us differently inorder to use our talents and abilities to brighten the world. Blacks will do anything to become lighter even if it will harm them in the end. Businesses are making money off of blacks’ insecurities. If people die from skin bleaching, the businesses will not care because they are still making a profit from blacks. These stories are sad and ugly truths about the black community. What are we going to do?


After all these years, color is still important in almost everyone’s mind, especially ignorant people. For example, rapper, Yung Berg only dates light skinned women. In an interview with radio show, “Lip Service”, he arrogantly says, “I’m kinda racist…I don’t like dark butts…You know how some women prefer light skin men or dark skin men. It’s rare that I do dark butts- that’s what I call dark skinned women…I [don’t date women] darker than me.” He sounds stupid and inconsiderate, but he is not the only person who feels this way. Statements like this are what cause people to hate themselves or think low of themselves. It also makes other people look down on them also.

Polow the Don, also known as the “King of the White Girls,” conveys in his interview with that, “black women need to get their shit together, period, point blank. And if you’re in denial of that, you are the problem.” Black people in the media need to be positive role models. They cannot be an activist for turning blacks against each other. Blacks do not need to be exposed to ignorant people, who do not love their own culture. People like this do not deserve to be in the media because they help provide reasoning for discriminating against dark skinned people. These comments are cruel, ugly, and imprudent. As a result, people begin to believe what these artists are saying and try to make themselves fit in by any means necessary.

How rude and ignorant can both of these men be? Their mothers are black. Just because you have dealt with a certain type of female, does not mean that all black women are the same. If anyone feels this way, they need to evaluate themselves and the women they are dealing with. Black women are hard workers. They go to school, work, take care of their children, and their man. Instead of putting down women, we have to uplift and support our women. WE can not turn our backs on our culture. If we do, all hope is lost.

Light Skin versus Dark Skin

I was asked to research a controversial topice for my research class. I thought and thought and thought until I came up with the all time issue of light skin versus dark skin and it's impact on African Americans today.

Picture this, a set of equally attractive twins with the only difference being that one is light skin and one is dark skin. Who is prettier? Many people will unconsciously choose the light skin twin, but why? This leads to the ancient discussion of light skin versus dark skin, which is a forbidden topic in the black community. “You are pretty for a light skinned girl” or “All light skin girls are conceited” are sayings that can be heard throughout the black community. People rarely notice who you are before they notice the color of your skin. Today, blacks discriminate against each other, with the thought of light skinned African Americans being better than darker skinned African Americans. Instead of coming together as one, black people are still bringing one another down. It is ridiculous that blacks discriminate against each other, upholding one shade of skin over another. Society views lighter skinned African Americans higher than a darker skinned person, which creates self esteem issues in all individuals.

We are teaching this way of living to our children at very young ages, creating a future of insecurities. Children are in schools teasing each other, putting light skin peers against darker peers. Teasing can be detremental as a child, scaring them for life. These scars worsen as the child gets older because whites and blacks ridicule them as well. Having to deal with prejudiceness from whites is one thing, but dealing with it from blacks is utterly repulsive. Black people come from the same place and share the same story. It is ridiculous that children are turining their backs on each other due to skin tones.

Black people need to get on the same page and love each other for being different. Black people need to empower and believe in themselves. Black people need to get over this hump and become great. Too many people have lost their lives to gain acceptance in a white man’s world and black people do not appreciate them. We put each other down especially if someone is not white enough. This treatment deters people's mental state, leaving them feeling like they do not measure up when they really do.

Differences make the world go round. If we were all the same, there would be no room for creativity. Black people need to become open minded and work together to fight this colorism problem. If this problem persists, our children and their children and their children will hate each other. Hate will only ruin the black community. We have worked too hard to become our own self destruction. To express one’s faults and mistakes is a huge step and fixing a problem. It takes a strong person to admit when he or she is wrong. The fact that blacks are noticing colorism will help generate ways to put an end to this historical problem of light skin versus dark skin.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Gangs and Rap Music

Today, children's focus is more on music stars than anything else, especially rappers. These music icons do not realize or ignore the fact that they are role models in many communities in America. Here in Baltimore, Maryland, gang related violence has been increasing over the years thanks to rappers with red and blue flags hanging out of their pockets or tied around their heads. We hear about goons and the sowoop gang (I don't even know how to spell it) from rappers such as Lil Wayne and Plies. Rappers need to be aware of their actions becauseyoung children and adults try to imitate them. Rappers need to take responsibility for their contributions to America and the rest of the world. We all need to help our young men realize that they are good enough to stay in school and make something out of themselves. We all need to show our young women that they do not have to chase men to feel important. They are beautiful without giving away their bodies.

No matter what family background someone may come from, people still are influenced by others. It's the way of the world. I am not here to put anyone down who is in a gang, but I am just speaking my mind. This generation is full of misguided children with no real role models. We must all come together and help these children redirect their energy and time into something more constructive. There are too many people dying at the hands of gangs. Instead of killing, we have to cherish life. We only get one. No one has the right to take any one's life. We are not God. If the role models our children have do not become better, we will have a future of chaos and nonstop violence.