Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I received devastating news when i was notified that my friend Keon was shot and killed in front of his home by a 14 year old. When the words, "Keon's dead" came out of my neighbors mouth, my heart sank from disbelief and hurt. I could not believe that he was gone by the hands of another person. He was about to graduate, which is something a lot of young men do not accomplish.

I know all things happen for a reason, but it still doesn't take away the agony, torment, and heartache. My tears fall constantly leaving streams of pain on my face. As I try to wipe them away, they find a way to creep out of my eyes again. No matter how much Kleenex I use, there will never be enough to make this all go away. I can try to sleep it off and stay busy, but the thoughts of Keon bothering me and trying to hug me slide across my mind like slideshows, leaving me with a smile through the tears I face at night.

It makes no since how someone can take another man's life. Everyone deserves to live. God only has the right to take someone's life. As other people are going on with their lives, I will sit here and continuously think about my little friend, who will not be walking across the stage to receive his diploma. Keon, you will be greatly missed and never forgotten. May God be with your family as well as me during this trying time. Rest in Peace, hun!!!