Sunday, April 26, 2009


Not too long ago, I heard about a little boy that committed suicide after being bullied in school. Eleven year old, Jaheem Herrera, hung himself at home because students at Dunaire Elementary School made gay slurs and physically attacked the young child. Parents of Herrera complained to school administrative on many occasions, but nothing was done. One parent of a student, who attends the school and is also bullied, says that she was told that, “children with behavior problems were mixed in with children who did not have behavioral problems, and that was astounding.”

This whole ordeal is astounding if you ask me. It makes no sense at all that an elementary school child took his life because of bullies. People do not take this torment seriously. They believe that kids will be kids and boys have to be tough. Teasing hurts too. If society tells women to get out of an abusive relationship, whether it’s verbal or physical, why isn’t bullying taken seriously too. It’s the same thing.

I have a son and I would hate to come home and see my son hanging from a cloth belt, like Herrera. I would die right in my footsteps. This story enrages me. The school should have intervened, especially if the parents are complaining. They could have put the boys in different classes. Herrera did not have to commit suicide. This situation could have been solved. His parents could have transferred him to another school, but again we do not take bullying that serious.

This goes to show that parents today, need to have closer relationships with their children in order to prevent anymore stories like this. Thanks to the students at Dunaire Elementary School, faculty, and the parents of the bullies, we now have to bury an 11 year old bully just because he had an accent, which made him seem gay to the other students. Herrera will never get to experience graduation, prom, a girlfriend, his first car, marriage or even children. Now that we have seen the affects of bullying, can we make a promise to talk to our kids about not picking on others? Teach your children that everyone is made differently and we have to accept people the way they are. Click here to read Jaheem Herrera's Story.

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