Thursday, April 30, 2009

Teen Pregnancy

Teen pregnancy is a huge topic of controversy in the United States. Everyone is so concerned with eliminating teen pregnancy. In a perfect world, everyone would wait until marriage to conceive a child, but we live in an imperfect world, so this is far fetched. Since parenting a child at a young age is a regular occurrence in the United States, we have no choice, but to accept it and find ways to educate young women on raising a child and being positive parents. It is not any one's place to look down on a young woman because she had a baby at a young age. No one knows any one's situation. To tell someone that they are wrong for giving birth at a young age is terrible because no one has the right to judge any one, especially when they are not living right themselves. Instead of criticizing people, we need to be there and support each other. I'm not condoning underage sex, but since children are doing it, we have to take the necessary steps in educating our children about protection and pregnancy.

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  1. Girl you raise some very intriguing issues in this blog! I agree....when my niece became sexually active at a young age all I could do was give her some valuable advice so that she can protect herself, because the young generation learn moreso by action then lecturing. I don't believe any young person should be put down for getting pregnant young...I would just hope that it is a decision that they are comfortable with and prepared for.