Friday, May 15, 2009


After all these years, color is still important in almost everyone’s mind, especially ignorant people. For example, rapper, Yung Berg only dates light skinned women. In an interview with radio show, “Lip Service”, he arrogantly says, “I’m kinda racist…I don’t like dark butts…You know how some women prefer light skin men or dark skin men. It’s rare that I do dark butts- that’s what I call dark skinned women…I [don’t date women] darker than me.” He sounds stupid and inconsiderate, but he is not the only person who feels this way. Statements like this are what cause people to hate themselves or think low of themselves. It also makes other people look down on them also.

Polow the Don, also known as the “King of the White Girls,” conveys in his interview with that, “black women need to get their shit together, period, point blank. And if you’re in denial of that, you are the problem.” Black people in the media need to be positive role models. They cannot be an activist for turning blacks against each other. Blacks do not need to be exposed to ignorant people, who do not love their own culture. People like this do not deserve to be in the media because they help provide reasoning for discriminating against dark skinned people. These comments are cruel, ugly, and imprudent. As a result, people begin to believe what these artists are saying and try to make themselves fit in by any means necessary.

How rude and ignorant can both of these men be? Their mothers are black. Just because you have dealt with a certain type of female, does not mean that all black women are the same. If anyone feels this way, they need to evaluate themselves and the women they are dealing with. Black women are hard workers. They go to school, work, take care of their children, and their man. Instead of putting down women, we have to uplift and support our women. WE can not turn our backs on our culture. If we do, all hope is lost.

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  1. damn i can't believe yung berg said that! like who are you to talk like your God's gift to the Earth?? happy i don't listen to his music lol...