Friday, May 15, 2009

OMG Skin Bleaching???

On an episode of the Tyra Banks Show, Banks explores black women and their use of skin bleaching. The women on the show explain that they use skin bleaches because at a very young age, they noticed the difference in treatment that lighter skinned women received. The women on the show have grown to believe that lighter skinned women are prettier and have it easier. One woman does not date dark men because she does not want to have a dark skinned child. Latavia states on the show, “I will not walk around with a dark skinned baby on my hip.” She continues to say, “I become labeled as a hoochie. A darker skinned baby does not get the same treatment that a lighter skinned baby gets. When I take my son to the daycare I see the darker skinned babies with snotty noses, they’re never being treated properly and when I go pick him up, he’s always on somebody’s lap.” Due to her experiences, Latavia feels that she needs to be lighter and will do whatever is needed to get the results she wants.

Also, another woman on the same show bleaches her skin as well as her three small sons in order to fit in with society. This is ridiculous because she is teaching her children that they do not measure up. Latasha explains, “I bleach [my children] because I want them to have a better presentation when they go to school. I don’t think our society accepts dark skin people well.” It is bad enough that she has low self esteem, but it is horrifying to teach her children that. As parents, blacks should empower their children, teaching them to love and appreciate themselves, while accepting others for being themselves. What other people think about you should not matter because everyone is different. Not one person is the same as another person. God created us differently inorder to use our talents and abilities to brighten the world. Blacks will do anything to become lighter even if it will harm them in the end. Businesses are making money off of blacks’ insecurities. If people die from skin bleaching, the businesses will not care because they are still making a profit from blacks. These stories are sad and ugly truths about the black community. What are we going to do?

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  1. yeah i saw that episode and all of those women had a warped view of reality....however being brown skinned myself i do understand what they feel because it does feel like a bad when i was little i never played with black dolls and i really really wanted to be light skinned...bad! but the thing is you grow up and out of it...they never did...and thats definitely not an acceptable thought process to pass on to children..they should make they're own opinions on the color of their skin...